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At Dumpster Rental Enterprises, we understand that heavy debris such as concrete, dirt, and asphalt disposal requires special attention due to their weight and characteristics. Whether you’re managing a construction project, landscaping, or any task involving these materials, our Concrete and Dirt Dumpster Rentals offer a reliable and cost-effective solution. We provide the right dumpsters to ensure efficient and responsible disposal while saving you money.

Why Choose Us for Your Heavy Debris Dumpster Rental?

Specialized Lowboy Dumpsters

Concrete, asphalt, and dirt almost always require a specialized dumpster known as a "lowboy dumpster." Our lowboy dumpsters are designed close to the ground, making them easy to load, even with heavy materials. The most common size for these specialized dumpsters is the 10-yard lowboy dumpster.

Clean Material Loading

For cost-effective and environmentally friendly disposal, it's essential to load concrete, asphalt, and dirt as "clean" material. This means only one single type of material is inside the dumpster, without any mixing of other debris. By adhering to this practice, you can often recycle these materials and dispose of them at a flat rate, saving you a significant amount of money.

Cost Savings and Responsible Disposal

Disposing of heavy materials like concrete, asphalt, and dirt can be expensive, especially if not handled properly. Our specialized lowboy dumpsters and the option to load clean materials help you save costs while ensuring responsible disposal practices. We work with local landfills and recycling centers to minimize the environmental impact.

Transparent Pricing & Reporting

If your dumpster is charged by the weight and you go over your included disposal limit, we’ll provide full documentation of your disposal including invoicing, receipts, and your weight tickets. We commit to providing you with full transparency regarding the disposal of your heavy materials.

Common Reasons to Order a Concrete Dumpster Rental

Demolition Projects

When demolishing a building or structure, there is a significant amount of concrete debris that needs to be disposed of efficiently.

Concrete Renovations

Whether it's removing an old concrete driveway, patio, or sidewalk, a concrete dumpster is essential for managing the resulting debris.

Construction Sites

Construction projects often involve the pouring and curing of concrete, generating excess concrete waste that requires proper disposal.

Concrete Repairs

Repairing damaged concrete surfaces or structures generates debris that should be disposed of in a specialized concrete dumpster.

Landscaping Projects

When redesigning or landscaping your outdoor space, old concrete features like retaining walls or decorative elements may need removal.

Common Reasons to Order a Dirt Dumpster

Landscaping and Excavation

Landscaping projects, excavation work, or digging for new foundations can result in a substantial amount of dirt that needs to be cleared.

Gardening and Yard Cleanup

Homeowners or landscapers may need to remove excess dirt when leveling a garden bed or during a yard cleanup.

Construction and Grading

Construction sites often produce excess dirt that needs to be hauled away to ensure a clean and safe work area.

Pool Installation or Removal

Installing or removing a pool requires significant excavation work, generating a large quantity of dirt.

Earthmoving Projects

Any project involving earthmoving, such as creating or reshaping a pond or berm, can produce surplus dirt that necessitates disposal.

Common Reasons to Order an Asphalt Dumpster

Road Construction

Road construction and repair projects generate large amounts of asphalt debris, requiring proper disposal.

Driveway Replacement

When replacing an old asphalt driveway with a new one, a dumpster is essential to manage the old asphalt materials.

Parking Lot Repaving

Repaving or resurfacing a parking lot results in the removal of old asphalt, which needs to be properly disposed of.

Asphalt Roofing Projects

Roofing contractors may order asphalt dumpsters to dispose of old asphalt shingles during roof replacement projects.

Asphalt Repair Work

Smaller asphalt repair projects also generate debris that should be collected in a designated dumpster.

Whether you’re a homeowner tackling a DIY project or a contractor working on a larger construction job, Dumpster Rental Enterprises is here to provide the right dumpsters for your specific needs. Our specialized concrete, dirt, and asphalt dumpsters ensure efficient and responsible disposal for your materials, no matter the project size.

FAQs - Concrete and Dirt Dumpster Rentals

These dumpsters are specifically designed for clean concrete, asphalt, and dirt. No other debris or waste should be mixed with these materials. If other materials are present, the landfill will treat the load as regular trash, and charge for disposal by the weight. This can be expensive, so we recommend that you load the material clean, so the landfill can recycle it.
In some cases, 15 or 20 yard dumpsters can be used, but they should not be filled more than halfway to prevent the dumpster from becoming too heavy for pickup.
Our team will guide you on the proper loading of materials to meet recycling requirements. Following these guidelines helps save costs and reduces environmental impact.
Yes, we provide weight tickets at the end of your rental, ensuring accurate records for your disposal.
Choose Dumpster Rental Enterprises for your dirt or concrete dumpster rentals, and experience the convenience, cost savings, and responsible disposal solutions we offer. We are committed to providing you with the right dumpster size and guidance to make your project efficient and eco-friendly.

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