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Remember: Properly prepare for pickup to avoid any fees.
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How to Prepare for Pickup

Close the dumpster door securely.
Make sure all debris is contained inside the dumpster, with nothing sticking over the top.
Double-check there are no prohibited items mixed in with your debris.
Ensure the container is accessible to our truck all day on your pickup date.

How to Avoid Additional Fees

Contact us before your rental period is up. If your requested pickup date falls after the last day of your rental period, there will be a fee for each additional day.

Pay attention to your weight limit. The landfill will charge a fee to cover the difference if your debris exceeds your dumpster’s weight limit.

Notify us quickly if your plans change. There will be a fee if you cancel or change your request on your scheduled pickup day or after 3 p.m. the business day before. This is to cover the costs of rerouting our drivers.

Our services run from early morning to late evening, Monday through Friday. We’ll do our best to fit into your schedule but cannot guarantee a specific pickup time.

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